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Clean for Teams Experiential Workshop

Clean for Teams - April 16-17 in Boston  
This is an experiential two day training workshop in which you will learn Caitlin Walker's powerful Clean Language based techniques. Clean for Teams teaches individuals and groups to pay exquisite attention to each other using Clean Language questions. When Clean Language questions are used to foster curiosity, it quickly leads to a state of shared vision, intention, and clarity of purpose. It elevates a collaborative spirit, and promotes acceptance of diversity and self-awareness in the team as the new norm. Clean for Teams is an elegant set of attention and intention setting tools to get those connections up and running very efficiently.



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9:00 AM09:00

Introduction to Clean Language

A four hour introductory workshop for beginners, taking place in Reston VA.  This class will be a hands on course designed to expose to the ideas and practice of listening to help others think and develop their own outcomes.  If you would like to join this course, please register your interest initially by registering on the 'Invitation Page' or emailing me at andrea@connections-at-work.com  

I will have the Eventbrite up shortly or checks can be made payable to Connections At Work, LLC to save on Eventbrite fees. 

Limited to 8 people.  Cost $150.

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