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CAST Conference - 1.5 hour workshop

  • Association for Software Testing Cocoa Beach, FL (map)

Let's Hack Your Team and Organization w/ The Best Inquiry Skills Ever

Let’s hack your inquiry skills! Clean Language is a set of non-leading coaching questions. Systemic Modeling uses these to enhance group collaboration - and is incredibly powerful in getting folks to pay exquisite attention to each other and create a system of learning and inquiry!

In this interactive workshop, you will be introduced to and practice some of the basic techniques of Clean Language and Systemic Modeling. Clean Language is a set of 12 basic questions that are non-leading and assumption free. Systemic Modeling is the art of using Clean Language to explore mental models in individuals or groups. It is incredibly powerful in helping a group to discover its own symbols and metaphors, and will lead members to pay exquisite attention to each other. Group communication becomes a platform for sustainable inquiry, learning, clarity and trust.