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Clean For Teams 2 Day Experiential Workshop

Come experience Clean for Teams - a deceptively simple, but extremely powerful Clean Language based set of models, techniques, and facilitative skills for solving issues like these: strong silo culture, employee disengagement, excessive deference to authority, lack of connection and general conflict in the workplace. Let's unlock curiosity and open the channels for meaningful inquisitive communication by learning Clean for Teams.

Learn from the woman who developed this body of work, Caitlin Walker, who developed these tools, is an amazing educator and modeler/trainer of these tools. She RARELY visits the US. Listen to her explain in any one of these amazing recordings, to get a sense of her style and of what these tools bring.

When a team adopts the techniques taught in this course, it will elevate its collaboration and productivity, promote acceptance of diversity and emphasize personal awareness and improvement. These tools create a new set of norms that relieve stresses caused by uncertainties, such as unspoken beliefs and assumptions. In short, Clean for Teams is an elegant set of attention and intention setting tools to strengthen interpersonal connections.

Honed by Caitlin and others over the past two decades in dozens of organizations and groups across the UK and Europe, these techniques bring about lasting and fundamental shifts in team and group communication.

When you join this class, you may also wish to join the Systemic Modeling course the following weekend Nov 2-4, 2018, as that is where you'll be getting facilitation practice and advanced peer and instructor feedback.

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